Welcome to Blue Sky, the little Microroastery that’s been kicking it in the Sunshine state since 2008!
My name is Callum, I’ve been competing, roasting and making noise in Australian coffee circles for 7 years now. I bought Blue Sky with an intention of building a better coffee experience for the end drinkers. One that aims to challenge the status quo and rethink the way we build relationships with producers, cafes and consumers alike. The greatest positive change we can create for origin is a connected desire to purchase better coffees. And to leave colonial commodity style pricing for dead.

We are local, we roast in Brisbane, our coffee is about creating discussion in the sunshine state and extending the good word of quality independent business, Lets make coffee more approachable for everyone while creating a coffee culture of our own. The coffee here at Lerna Street stacks up, visit our online store and you’ll see we have a host of Cup of Excellence Top scorers from Brazil, four coffees with cupping scores over 89 pts and a host of other goodies that are unforgettable.

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