Harness the existing power of your business’ online presence (social media, sales pages and websites) and combines them to amplify the effect, improving your SEO in global search engines.

Our hosting is optimised for Australia, no more sacrificing your place in the search results to companies outside of Australia.


Listing owner can choose to add tags, which are all search engine’s preferred method of ranking, boosting the internal and external ranking of their listing. No more need to spend money on ad words.

False Review Removal
Users can report reviews they believe are untrue or intended to damage a business’s reputation. Admins will review and remove according to community standards and/or reasoning provided. Admins are based in Australia and are able to respond to queries in a timely manner.


Each listing generates a unique QR code which can be used on business cards and other marketing material. Plus each listing has a share button to easily share listing across all social platforms.


Neighbourlink is an advertising-free platform, no annoying pop-ups or flashing signs on the side detracting from the businesses listed on our sites.

Let your audience know about a special event, sale or other news by posting on our noticeboard. Similar to a blog post, a proven marketing mechanism to drive traffic to a listing and increase awareness of your business. Each new notice actively strengthens your listings SEO.


Position Performance
Our hosting is optimised for Australia, so you will no longer need to sacrifice your place in the search results to companies outside of Australia.

Mobile Device Compatible // APP
Our site smoothly alternates between the viewing experience between desktop and mobile devices. No extra work required.

Link your Social Media
Link your social media to strengthen your online presence.


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